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Projet PAL Mission Statement

People living with mental health challenges suffer from discrimination and isolation.

Projet PAL, a bilingual community organization founded in 1975, responds to these issues by offering diverse services using an alternative approach of empowerment and mutual aid.

Projet PAL Vision Statement

Quality of life for persons living with mental health challenges should not be based on the severity of the illness or diagnosis but on the strength and support of that person’s community and support network. Projet PAL is committed to building inclusive, alternative and compassionate communities so that all its members may live in dignity and be active and empowered citizens.

Projet PAL is an organization with a big heart and a huge passion to improve the quality of life for people living with mental health challenges.

Using an alternative approach, we at PAL believe that regardless of the severity of the mental health challenge, a person can live in stability if they have affordable housing and community support follow-up. We believe that regardless of the diagnosis, a person can make a valuable contribution to society if they are educated and mentored in how to exercise their rights and responsibilities as active citizens. Finally, we believe that all people will flourish if they are shown compassion, warmth and friendship by a community that deeply cares for them. For our members, Projet PAL is that community!

Projet PAL offers permanent and transitory housing with community support services that enable short and long term integration into the community.

Services in Individual Aid and Accompaniment assist persons who may need help with legal aid services or social welfare difficulties. Perhaps they need support when meeting with a medical professional to discuss their file, or a social worker to look at work or educational opportunities. This service is designed to help people navigate the myriad of services that are not always clear and accessible. This service is practical in helping people find solutions to these problems.

While we may struggle individually with our basic rights to housing, food, income security, and adequate and timely medical care, collectively is how we change things. The Collective Action program educates Projet PAL members and workers on their rights and responsibilities as committed and caring citizens. This is where we gather to debate, to envision, and to challenge our community and our leaders to consider the needs and realities of those who are struggling with issues of health care, poverty and social exclusion. For over 40 years Projet PAL has been a passionate leader and collective voice for individuals who are vulnerable due to their mental health and ensuing living conditions.

Finally, we all need companionship and meaningful connection to a community. The drop-in center is that connection for many, the heartbeat of the organization. Here is where people gather to socialize, to participate in educational and social activities, and to prepare and share nutritious meals in a warm and friendly ambience. Friendships are formed here, alternate families are created. The drop-in is home to many.

For forty years, Projet PAL has remained dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental health challenges. We have enabled individuals to develop their autonomy and realize their dreams, regardless of the challenges they face.

We have challenged and brought about concrete change to policies that exclude and harm those who are struggling with these challenges. We continue to do this with passion, dedication and resolve.

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