Projet PAL’s housing program offers affordable and comfortable housing with community support services that enable members’ reintegration into the community or sustains their autonomy once integration has been achieved.

Although each program has different criteria and objectives, they are all firmly rooted in PAL’s alternative approach; that is to say that the individual is central to making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their life. The workers provide the framework, the tools, and lots of encouragement.

Carrefour Autonomie PAL CAP

Carrefour Autonomie PAL, or CAP, is located within a short distance from Projet PAL’s drop-in center and main office. This triplex was generously donated to PAL by the McConnell foundation in 1986. The first floor is home to our transition house which has the capacity to house six residents. This program, which is for a six month duration, is designated for people who are in a transition after a difficult period in their life and who are in need of intensive follow-up services. Two workers are on site during the day throughout the week to assist the residents in achieving the short-term objectives they defined upon entering the program. Residents share in the running of the house, the preparation of meals, and assist in weekly residents meetings where they share their challenges and successes, and deal with any conflict they may be experiencing while co-habiting. The workers provide one-on-one follow-up to the residents and are present at any time to listen and to coax them on their journey. Residents are also encouraged and accompanied to participate in PAL’s activities as well as other aspects of community life. Residents staying at CAP can expect a hands-on, solution-focused follow-up that will help see them through a particularly difficult time.

For further information on CAP or if you wish to make an application please call 514 761-1351.

Sous le Toit de PAL

Sous le Toit de PAL is a 28 unit low cost housing project that is also situated within a few blocks from the PAL drop-in center and main office. This housing resource offers permanent subsidized social housing and community support follow-up services. Although Sous le Toit is an independent entity from Projet PAL, with its own Board of Directors, the administration and follow-up services are provided by PAL. Sous le Toit residents are people whose mental health challenges require regular support so that they can retain their autonomy living in the community. Be it an issue of personal or domestic hygiene, or social isolation, the resident and the worker create an action plan with long-term objectives to address the matter. All residents at Sous le Toit must be willing to actively participate in the functioning and maintenance of the organization itself, Projet PAL, or elsewhere in the community. Sous le Toit de PAL demonstrates without a doubt that when a person with a mental health challenge is given a secure home, proper follow-up, and a caring community, they can and will flourish.

For further information on Sous le Toit de PAL or to make an application please call 514 508-1873.

Logi PAL

Established in 1986, Logi PAL is another independent low cost housing project that is supported by Projet PAL. This project offers low cost housing to six people who are in need of occasional follow-up and support. The workers of PAL assist in the administration and on the Board of Directors. They are also available to help the residents as challenges occur. The residents of Logi PAL manage the Board of Directors and are responsible for the overall functioning of the building and its maintenance. Once again, the stability and affordability that is seen in this project has positive and tangible health benefits for the residents!

Projet PAL has been a leader in the development of decent and affordable social housing for people with mental health challenges since its very beginnings. Our forty years of experience are clear testimony to the fact that it is not the severity of the mental illness that defines a person’s health and recovery; it is the richness of their community and support network that will bring about positive and lasting change. A roof over ones head is simply the first and essential step.

For further information on Logi-PAL or to make an application please call 514 761-1351