“Serving the meals at P.A.L., gives me a sense of meaning of being wanted. It takes me out of my solitude. I feel that when I joined P.A.L. we would be there for each other even in the darkest hour.”
Giovanni Iuliani, Community member

“Sous le Toit de P.A.L. gave me a safe place to live. My mood has improved and I became more autonomous. It gave me stability and took away the anxiety of not having a place to live.”

“At Logi-P.A.L. we live together in harmony. It is a peaceful place to live. Living in Logi-P.A.L. has enabled me to further my education, financially and gives me a lifestyle of autonomy. I have two to three healthy meals per day. It is a very quiet neighbourhood and I sleep well at night.”
Laurent Dupuis

“My stay allowed me to better understand my abilities and inabilities caused by my illness and the numerous side effects of my medication. The presence of Beatrice and Steve was of immeasurable help and it came without judgment. I was able to form relationships with other residents and this helped me to continue. I want to thank all the workers of Projet P.A.L. for your dedication and involvement.”
Nicole Gauthier

“I have lived in the Shared Lodging program at CAP for a little over a year. After receiving appropriate health care, I rediscovered my autonomy and my love of life. I had the desire to take on new challenges, to participate in back to work programs as well as offer a workshop at P.A.L., and to follow through on my objectives. The sharing and exchange with my roommate helped me to enrich my daily life by doing fulfilling activities.”
Chantal Bouffard

“I have been participating in the Anti Poverty group since September. It has enabled me to broaden my understanding of the effects of poverty in our society. This participation not only helped me to have a better understanding but also to bring forward my ideas my questions and my arguments.”
Véronique Carli

“Being a part of the group gave me strength and gave the group the strength to fight for and defend the most vulnerable.”
Denis Savoie

“The Aid and Accompaniment worker made me feel calm and not let go of the challenge ahead. I felt more comfortable to express myself with her present.”
Bobby McGuire

“Since being in the Therapeutic Measures Program, I seem to have leadership qualities, I discovered confidence and strength I couldn’t find before.”
Heather Craft

“I am very happy to be on Projet P.A.L.’s outreach committee. I really enjoy being able to talk about Projet P.A.L. to the various community groups.”
Robert Aelick, participant member and President of the Board of Directors

“Projet PAL helped me to regain confidence in myself. I’ve learned to discover myself and to work on myself. I regained an enjoyment of life through workshops and activities. I like to involve myself at PAL. because we are respected. I like the community spirit that presides over PAL. I like the members and the workers, it feels like a big family. Thank you to all.”
Claude Beaulieu

“The anti poverty committee is a group working for the same goal, a step forward, a great experience, real results.”

“I can live on my own and do what I want. I feel safer than when I lived in a group home. I am a ‘concierge’ which makes a cleaner environment for everyone.”

“To take charge of our own life. To learn how to regain our autonomy and more than anything to learn from our mistakes and see them as lessons and to believe in our abilities. That is what PAL helps us to learn; Be ourselves in our own way!”

“It has been 21 months since I have been living in the Shared Lodging Program. In my case, it made me feel much more secure. I like to be alone but living here taught me to socialize. When we need to talk, it is comforting to know that the workers are downstairs. We know that we have references if we need them.”