Become a PAL member!

Projet PAL does not work with clients or users but rather with members who are actively involved and who are the primary volunteers in the organization.

There are three categories of members:

PAL Participant Member

A Participant Member

A person who is/has been followed in mental health or has/had emotional or psychological suffering causing a disruption in his/her daily functioning, and one who actively participates in and gives back to the organization.

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PAL Community Member

A Community Member

A person who is empathetic towards the organisation and/or who volunteers his or her time to the organisation.

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PAL Employee Member

An Employee Member

The third category of membership, the Employee Member, is any salaried employee of Projet P.A.L. and the coordinator of the organization.

Become a Member

*Only participant and community members have the right to vote as stated in PAL’s by-laws. All Projet PAL members are encouraged to be active and volunteer of their time.

Suggestions of how you can get involved:

Preparation of the weekly community meal.

Become a spokesperson for mental health in the Outreach Program.

Join in the Citizens Action Group.

Contribute creative writing, poetry or art to the PAL newsletter.

Join the PAL Anti-Poverty Committee.

Become a member of the Board of Directors.

Become a member of the PAL choir.

Become an activist with PAL and with community partners to advocate and rally for social justice issues.

Check the monthly activity calendar for the schedule of upcoming information sessions, anti-poverty group meetings.

And many other ways to participate, engage and empower!

Get Involved